Prizes and recognitions

October ’20 – MDLSX is awarded the prize Anima 2020 | theatre section 

December ’18 – Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò are nominated as best director for Panorama at the UBU 2018 awards

July ’18 – New York: Panorama is nominated for Outstanding Innovative Design and Outstanding Performance Art Production at the Innovative Theatre Award

October ’17 – Sarajevo: Silvia Calderoni wins the prize as best performer for MDLSX at MESS Festival.

September ’17 – Dublin: Silvia Calderoni wins the prize as best performer for MDLSX at Dublin Fringe Festival.

March ’17 – Barcelona: Recomana awards the Premis de la Crìtica 2016 to MDLSX as best international show seen in Catalonia.

December ’16 – Bologna: MDLSX receives from Teatri di Vita the audience prize as best show of the year.

December ’16 – MDLSX is selected as one of the 10 best dance shows in Brazil by the magazine Jornal O Globo.

May ‘14 – Paris: Nella Tempesta is finalist at the Prix Du Souffleur

April ‘14 – Premio Turroni Città di Cesena per il teatro to Silvia Calderoni

November ’12 – Montréal (Canada): Jury of the Association of Theatre Critics of Quebec (A.Q.C.T.) has awarded to Motus’s Alexis. Una tragedia greca the prize for Best Foreign Performance for the season 2011-12. Reason: This theatre, grounded in the current socio-political reality as well as in the timeless figure of Antigone, has deeply shaken us. The creators dared staging their doubts, their questioning, while also showing and letting hear the inner process of the work. We salute the highly clever way in which the representation echoed the situation in Québec, linking, in a concrete and symbolic but also very touching way, the “Maple” Spring (le Printemps érable québécoise) to the popular demonstrations going on in the entire planet.

March ’10 – Milan: Silvia Calderoni was awarded the prestigious Ubu Prize (2009) as best actress under 30. Silvia has been with Motus uninterruptedly since 2006, becoming the leading figure in all the works.

December ’07 – Rimini: Motus received the “Sigismondo d’oro 2007″, a tribute paid to Rimini citizens whose activity has brought honour to the city. Reason: for having built up, setting out from the cultural matrix of the City and with a great deal of work, a significant group in the field of contemporary theatre which dialogues constantly within and outside this field; for the singularity of language and words, special expressions with which Motus affirm their own poetics at international level; for having taken the name of Rimini into the world, linking it to the art of theatre.

December ’02 – Milan: The Ubu Prizes judges awarded Motus the Special Ubu Prize for “the play of splitting images and narrative in the evolution of the Rooms Project”.

November ’00 – Milan: The Ubu Prizes judges awarded the Special Ubu Prize to the project “Prototipo”: “The project prototipo, independently run by Fanny&Alexander, Masque Teatro, Motus and Teatrino Clandestino at Interzona in Verona, in the context of the Venice Biennale, for the planning and implementation of a profitable experience of collaboration, in an extraordinary space, among young theatre companies “.

December ’99 – Milan: The Ubu Prizes judges awarded Motus the Special Ubu Prize: “For the insistent and creative coherency of visionary research into redesigning spaces and filtering myths through a spasmodic use of the body and the recovery of waste materials, on the sweeping wave of music “.

June ’99 – Naples: Prize awarded annually by the magazine “Lo Straniero” to “young talents” emerging in the fields of art and science. Motus was given the prize for the following reason: “After interesting and provocative rehearsals the group put on Orlando Furioso which, with a brilliant visual-sound aesthetic reminiscent of Romagnol origins (from Fellini to Casadei) but also sharing a post-modern collective imagination that runs from comics to photography, painting and fashion, tackled an ironic interpretation of the “crisis of the male”, particularly underscored by Deleuze and other analysts of our bizarre and troubled contemporaneity”.

May ’99 – Riccione: at the Riccione TTV Video-festival the Concorso Italia judges awarded Motus the Production Prize for the video “Orlando Furioso”, a reworking of the stage show “O.F. or Orlando Furioso”.