Of the nightingale I envy the fate

idea and direction Daniela Nicolò, Enrico Casagrande 
with Stefania Tansini
dramaturgy Daniela Nicolò
soundscapes Demetrio Cecchitelli
live sound design  Enrico Casagrande
light design and technical direction Theo Longuemare
latex props _vvxxii
photo Ilaria Depari
graphics Federico Magli
illustration Lilsis.art
assistant costume and set designer Susana Botero
production Francesca Raimondi
organization and logistics  Shaila Chenet
communication Isabella Cruciani and Ilaria Depari
promotion Marta Lovato
international distribution Lisa Gilardino
a Motus production with TPE / Festival delle Colline Torinesi
artistic residencies hosted by progetto residenze artistiche Lavanderie a vapore Torino, Centro nazionale di produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni, AMAT Marche
with the support of  MiC, Regione Emilia-Romagna

Of the nightingale I envy the fate is a focus on the figure of Cassandra and her becoming a bird: in the Oresteia, her talent as a prophetess is brought back to the animal sphere, the chorus reiterates that the girl is invaded by the god and looks like a nightingale.This Solo, which composes a diptych with You were nothing but wind, (on becoming dog of Ecuba with Silvia Calderoni) is conceived for non-theatre spaces such as art galleries, social centres and open spaces…It will be a choreographic action of about 45 minutes with the audience on two fronts and at the center an eclectic performer whose astonishing mimetic skills enable her to embody delicacy and violence, vulnerability and animal aggression. It will be a powerful and shamanic liberating action from a body and a voice harnessed by the enslavement and annihilation of the patriarchal system, in a sound forest of shrieks, cries, whistles, chants, warbles, trills, hisses, moans of pain and… feverish joy.

In August 2022, rehearsals begin – at Cango in Florence, at the Lavanderia a Vapore in Turin and in the Marche region with AMAT – of the second spin-off of Tutto Brucia.

new performance with Stefania Tansini will make its debut at the Merz Foundation in Turin on Nov. 4-5-6, 2022, as part of the Festival delle Colline Torinesi, which is dedicating a Monograph to Motus, where it will be possible to see several performances and a first-time video overview.