You were nothing but wind

idea Daniela Nicolò and Silvia Calderoni
with Silvia Calderoni
direction Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò
soundscapes Demetrio Cecchitelli
sound Enrico Casagrande
lights Daniela Nicolò
props scene sculptures _vvxxii
video and graphics Vladimir Bertozzi
production Francesca Raimondi
organization and logistics Shaila Chenet
promotion and communication Marta Lovato with Francesca Lombardi
press office
international diffusion Lisa Gilardino
production Motus
in collaboration with Crisalide Festival
with the support of MiCRegione Emilia-Romagna

O my lineage, glory-inflated sail flapping in the sun,

the wind falls and you collapse:

You were nothing but wind.

 (Trojan Women by J.P. Sartre)

We enter the post-human scenarios of “a world to come” where the howls/words of Hecuba echo, after the defeat of Troy, after her dramatic deportation… In Euripides’ Hecuba, Polymystor predicts that she will turn into a “black bitch with eyes of fire”: Silvia Calderoni embodies this fierce woman, translating her despair and fury that give birth to a new language, no longer articulated in solid grammatical structures, but in onomatopoeic sound textures dripping with primordial echoes. All Greek tragedy, moreover, bears witness to an archaic position in which man and animal do not even need to metamorphose, because they are one in the other, through mingling and contact/contact. Hecuba is the black bitch with the sharp teeth: we see her leaping, writhing, coming into the light before our eyes to try to communicate with the circle of “humans” with the «minor language» – of which Deleuze and Guattari speak in their book on Kafka – that is, ‘a language that comes after power and violence, a language that no longer tells the world how it should be, but accompanies the world that is, follows it and lifts it up (…) it is the mysterious language that humanity will speak after everything is burnt. An earthly language, neither human nor non-human, dusty and humble.” (Felice Cimatti, from the review of Tutto Brucia)

Now there is only ash, and bodies. But the ground is cleared. Something can begin.