GangGongGirls | iconographies and imageries of sexual bodies with weapons in hand

curated by Ilenia Caleo, Beatrice Busi, Maddalena Fragnito, Daniela Nicolò, Enrico Casagrande, Silvia Calderoni
thanks to Ateliersi

From the research around the project ÜBERŸRAFFICHE (nude expanded version) a first expansion was born: a crossing of images, icons and cultural universes on bodies, weapons and sexuality embodied by women and/or queer identities. Strength, violence, conflict are founding values of the political sphere and have been historically seen as a natural attribute of the male. GangGongGirls goes through different imageries to rethink the link between corporeal form and politics, through figures and concepts: strength | violence | prosthesis | vulnerability | sexuality | self-defence | public space.

GangGongGirls will be a public meeting device on the analysis of the images of women fighters in revolutionary moments – from the French revolution and the Community, to the decolonization processes, to the resistance in Rojava – or in the armed fight, passing through the instrumental-sexual use in mainstream pornography and in B-movies, up to the overturning of the post-porn and porn-terrorism.

An album of figures. Of icons of women with weapons in hand. To put the identification of femininity with mildness and nonviolence into crisis, without thus re-proposing equally essentialist mythologies of “women fighters”: in fact making women fighting bodies erotic, exotic or glamour, again distances these bodies from politics.

The moment is now. Everywhere, to overturn the stereotype of the victim associated with women, trans, queer bodies, the trans-feminist movements – with different instruments around the world – transform self-defence and sexual performance in political practice. Faster Faster Pussycat!