We are looking for new performers and a musician/sound designer for
TUTTO BRUCIA (everything burns)
New Motus production will premiere on March 2021.

The title quotes a line from Cassandra’s in the version of Trojan Women by Jean Paul Sartre and it already unveils the trajectory of this new project.
After our artistic journey into the figure of Antigone, we have desired for a long time to continue digging down into the most controversial female figures of the Tragic, whose echo and impacts are still resonating today. This is going to be a multi-layered research that, from the baleful visions of Euripides’ Trojan Women, will move across time, simultaneously intercepting the voices of nowadays slaves, coming to Europe by sea.

We are looking for performers with a heterogeneous training, between dance and theatre, with a good physical and vocal preparation.

The first period of research at L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora di Mondaino | Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna – led from 3rd to 17th November by Enrico Casagrande, Daniela Nicolò and Silvia Calderoni, with the dramaturgical collaboration of Ilenia Caleo – will essentially be focused on sharing the initial questions about the work path. The focus will be on the research for the movement, for the collective internal rhythmics for Tutto Brucia, as well as for 4 performers who will form, with Silvia Calderoni, the new cast of this show which is transformational for us and, we hope, for whom will be part of it too.

Both for Covid-related restrictions and for the work mode, which will try to dig into the compositional ability of each participant, we will work for 3 days with groups of 4 performers at a time, for a total of 20 participants.

To participate we ask you to send your application to by 11th October, complete with curriculum, photographs (possibly two images, one head shot and a full-length into separate files) and a short video of maximum 2 minutes in which, in front of a camera, which can be a simple phone, you, alone, perform a radical transformation of your body: you try to mutate in other forms of life, with objects, clothes, make-up, special effects (not digital)…or even just with the mutant power of your facial and muscular expressivity. This creature-other can then attempt a small physical, textual or singing solo: choose the mode that feels the closest to you.

For the musicians, in addition to the curriculum and eventual compositions, we ask to also send a short 2 minutes video portraying you while you play.

The videos for both performers and musicians should be shared with us in MP4, MOV or AVI format through a shareable link (such as Google drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube or similar), please do not send them as  files to be downloaded.

We will send a reply to all applicants by 20th October.

We do hope to meet you in Mondaino!

Organizational info
The workshop has a duration of three days, which will be communicated to you with the selection notice.
The participation is free of charge and comprehends food and lodging at the Guest House of Teatro Dimora.
Membership to the cultural association L’Arboreto is required for the insurance cover (at the cost of €15).